About MarathonRush

MarathonRush is a site that, for you, becomes what you want it to be. At least that's the goal. Your race results, your data, your rules.

Basically, the site is about your marathon results. Enter your results manually, or import them (this functionality is to be developed soon) from Strava or from a file. The system will give you statistics about your races. You can compare your race results and see, for example, which marathon race was your fastest. When looking at your result from London Marathon 2018, you can see that it was, for example, your 13th marathon race and your 2nd best.

You can configure your profile page to display different information depending on what you want to show and see. Hard numbers, charts and maps.

For a bit more details, you can check out the quick start help.

Since MarathonRush is still a very new site, development is done all the time. If you have any suggestions on what should be developed as a part of MarathonRush, please send an email to support@marathonrush.com and we'll answer as soon as possible.