Creating an account and logging in

We hope you're only here because you got lost, but if you really need som help getting started, this is the place.

If you haven't created an account yet, head on over to the sign up page to do that. This web site is rather pointless without an account.
If you do have an account, you can login on the login page.

There are some tips and tricks about logging in. If you registered using the Facebook or Google social login connectors, you should of course use the same one when logging in. If you didn't use one of those but want to login with Facebook or Google in the future, log in using your email and password and navigate to the account settings page where you can connect these for future use. Of course your account can be connected to both Google and Facebook.

And if you did forget your password, simply enter your email and request a magic link. An email will be sent to you with a link which will log you in.

Adding a race result

The simplest way to add a race result is to navigate to the add race result page and enter the information about the race and your result. When you have selected a date and start entering the race's name there might be suggestions dropping down in a control as you type. These are events that have been created by other users and there are other results connected to these events. If you choose to click one of these events, your race result will also be connected to that event. You can of course detach your result from the event later on if you want to.

After saving the result you will end up on the result's page where you ca add images and a description text to the result. If you didn't choose an event when adding the result you can do so now, and if no matching event exists, you can add one and connect your race result to the new event and at the same time, the next user that wants to add a result for the same event will see your event when adding the result.